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Sick to my belly   
09:42am 27/08/2007
  My stomach is in like 85 billion knots over my first day of grad school today... and what's worse is it doesn't start until 4:00, so it's felt like a pretty anticlimatic morning.


Everything will be fine. Everything will be fine. Everything will be fine.

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Can I have a midlife crisis at 23?   
04:23am 15/08/2007
  Pretty please?

My dad decided it was time to move on from his 8-year-old Lexus, and he bought a new car yesterday... an 08 Chrysler Sebring hardtop convertible. Now I'm not much for status symbols, but that is a NICE car. Any time I can afford a midlife crisis, I think I'd like to have one just like his. :)

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stuff and things   
05:02pm 14/08/2007
  So I worked hard this morning, and all day yesterday, and this afternoon I decided to be bummy. I watched Ellen DeGeneres, and I've decided that she and I should be best friends.

On a different but equally inane note, I dig the sorting hat application on facebook. Most of my friends, it appears, are Gryffindors with quite a few Ravenclaws, and a Hufflepuff or two... but no Slytherins. I knew I had a knack for choosing friends! I am most definitely a Hufflepuff... Intelligence, bravery, and ambition are all important to me, and I feel like I do possess some amount of those qualities, but I definitely value loyalty most of all... even though Luna rocks the casbah... and such things

Ummmmmm what else...

Oh, when I was in high school, I spent hours and hours and hours covering the door to my bathroom with patterned papers ripped from magazines. It looked cool, and it definitely ran its course, but it's time to make my room look like Jennie-in-her-20s rather than teenage-Jennie, so the ripped papers came down, as did my guitar chords poster (I haven't really played since high school anyhow) and a few other things. Instead I put up my gramma's 3D art and a couple of skyline paintings I picked up in London and NYC when I spent summers there. I think house-sitting for Vanessa's family and sleeping in her bedroom has made me realize that while her room has grown up, mine has stayed the same... probably because I thought living here was going to be a lot more temporary than it looks like it's going to be.

But ah well, c'est la vie.

And that rhymes... I'm a poet and I didn't even realize that that was the case although it sat there right in front of my eyes, staring me in the face... dammit, I was trying not to rhyme!!

Ok, obviously I'm now procrastinating so I'm going to go walk Vanessa's dog, and then we're going to see On Your Toes tonight at the Reprise theatre. I know nothing about it. Should be good fun.


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Feel. Like. Death.   
08:11pm 11/08/2007
  Clown rant...

I worked a 6 hour picnic today followed by a 1 hour party. I am frickin exhausted.

That is all.

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Odds & ends   
09:35am 09/08/2007
  Holy freakin crap... it's $10,000 for 100,000 banner ads on TheKnot.com. So much for advertising with the nation's biggest wedding website!!

I picked up the readers for my human development class yesterday... I think I'm really going to enjoy that class. A lot of it is articles about different periods of a person's life, but parts of it are childrens' activities, like "Everyone looks for different things in their friends. Each apple has a word in it. Color the ones that are traits you look for in a friend red. Color the rest of the apples green." Squee.

Grad school is going to be good fun.

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Holy cow, squee for progress   
12:57am 07/08/2007
  Come 1:00 AM, I have now finished the baby sample book. And the wedding sample book has been done for two weeks or more. Bar Mitzvah samples are 90% done and after I make the 1.5 left, I just have to scan them, price them, toss them on the website, and then spend eighteen thousand hours putting them in a gorgeous arrangement in a sample book like I did with baby stuff tonight. :)

Also, kicking ads into high gear. A variety of Craigslist cities are seeing a smattering of Cards by Jennie ads every day, and so is Facebook Marketplace. I'm also connected with a site called TwoLeftHands.net that helps engaged couples to locate vendors... thanks to agreeing to write them a referral for a potential high-profile vendor, I've now been granted a complimentary upgrade to a gold membership, which means that for the same $5/month I was paying before, I get a bunch of leads, some business management tools, and, best of all, my graphic ad on their site.

And then of course, the cold calling. Thanks to planning the Humane Society's silent auction, I am oh so very fabulous at cold calling. But I'm amazed at how good the response is to my calls, actually... I'm so used to being hung up on, because with the silent auction I was asking people for stuff... when I'm offering to give them a referral percentage kickback for displaying my business cards, they're my best friends all of a sudden. Today I called adoption agencies and baby supply stores... I have 6 places that want cards, one that wants a flyer, and another who asked me to send them an e-mail with more info.

Plus my mom, who works with new parents (and also sometimes pregnant women), has asked me to create something to hang in her office. So yay.

Awesomeness... stuff is going well.

And for those of you who still haven't had the chance to check out my website, please do... I'd love to hear your feedback:


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Cards by Jennie - happy things and thorough annoyances   
04:00pm 05/08/2007
  Happy things... all my wedding samples and baby samples are done, and I only have to make one more Bar Mitzvah sample, scan 'em all and get 'em on the site. Hopefully I'll be able to do parties/events in the next 10 days, and then all I have left to do once grad school starts are announcements and holiday cards... kind of a pain, I was hoping to be done with samples by the beginning of grad school, but really weddings, babies, and Bar Mitzvahs are going to be my big sellers anyway, with parties (probably mostly Sweet 16s) tied with graduation announcements as a distant fourth. So all the important stuff will be done and I can start making calls, affiliating myself with maternity shops, wedding planners, synagogues and churches, etc. Good stuff.

Also, I made my first print ad today, and hopefully it will be posted on Two Left Hands, a site I've been using for leads. Here it is:

Not half bad for someone with next to no graphic design skills...

The only thing about my business right now that really pisses me off is someone has started to flag my ads on Craigslist. Yes, I post a lot of ads, but all to different cities, so it's not like I'm flooding one Craigslist board... it has to be competitors, flagging away other invitation making folks so that they can get ahead. I would NEVER play that dirty, and it really bothers me that anyone would. I feel like my products and my work speak for themselves, and if I felt like I had to get rid of other advertisers to get ahead, I think I would reevaluate the quality of my products.


And breathing again...

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Best church marquee ever:   
09:30pm 02/08/2007
  "Worry is a misuse of the imagination"

That is all.

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Woot for free ad website things   
08:40pm 01/08/2007
  Dear Facebook Marketplace,

I owe you an apology. When first you emerged, I wrote you off as a cheap imitation of Craigslist, but have since been misproven. I have devoted hours of hard work to posting ads on Craigslist, not only in Los Angeles, but in ten different cities every day. I have had very feeble results. You, on the other hand, have proven immensely superior, and have had a much higher prospects to posts yield.

Thanks for everything!

Best Regards,



Dear Craigslist,

I appreciate that you are free, but I think we may need to start seeing other people. Due to your high popularity, I find myself competing with hundreds of other invitation businesses. I know that my invitations are of high quality, but it's just hard to compete with more established businesses that have the ability to hire professional website designers and whatnot.

I shall continue an acquaintanceship with you, but you ought to know that I intend to seek additional sources for my ads.

I wish you the best, and feel no ill will towards you.

Best Regards,


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10:08am 29/07/2007
  Giggles is a sleepy clown...

...a sleepy clown who has to do a four-hour store promotion gig in the middle of nowhere, a city called Maywood.

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Back on LJ   
07:17pm 27/07/2007
  I finished Deathly Hallows - fabulous - loved it - cried my eyes out, so I'll be posting again.

Cards by Jennie (http://www.cardsbyjennie.com) has usurped my life. Working hard on samples - I've finished all wedding samples, which are on the site, and baby samples, which will hopefully be up by next week. Bar Mitzvah samples are also coming soon, followed by parties & events, and announcements (everything from "Save the Date" magnets - I got a magnet maker - awesome - to graduation announcements to retirement announcements... etc.). So hopefully before I start grad school, I'll be done with that part of it, and I can focus on obtaining and filling accounts and advertising.

And grad school. That too, obviously.

And I'll still be clowning on the weekends, which is cool. It's fun, it's fairly easy, and it's pretty flexible as long as I know my plans in advance.

As for tutoring, I'm down to one student, and I don't particularly intend to pursue more than that. Goodness knows I'm busy enough... after all, I have to study sometime, right??

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Pumpkins, biking, and a hiatus   
11:49am 20/07/2007
  I am in San Francisco, and I don't want to stay holed up in the room, but I do want to get this post out quickly.

The Pumpkins concert was fantastic. Billy played a lot of new stuff and all the expected old stuff (Bullet with Butterfly Wings, Tonight Tonight, Today, Stand Inside Your Love, etc.). But the best part was that he played a bunch of stuff people had probably forgotten existed - Blue Skies Bring Tears, 33, Starla, Heavy Metal Machine, Shame, To Shelia... very cool. He actually *ended* on Starla before the encores. He seemed really receptive to everyone's cheers in the wake of the TERRIBLE review the San Francisco Chronicle gave him. (Seriously, go read it... you won't believe they published that slander.)

Yesterday I took a bike ride to and over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco into Sausalito. Sausalito is an adorable little city, and probably where I'll live when I become a bajillionaire. The bike ride was fun and refreshing, but left me sore from my butt to my feet, and with an unfriendly sunburn on my back.

Finally, I want to let everyone know that I'm taking an LJ hiatus. There are just too many Harry Potter spoilers floating around, and even though I'm not a fan of any HP communities, I don't want to take any chances. I know a lot of other people doing this same thing, but the difference is that John and I are reading the book aloud, one chapter at a time, so I probably won't be back on here for a month or so.

I wish you all the best, and you know where you can reach me if you want me.


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Sodom by the bay   
08:59am 18/07/2007
  ...is what one of my friends calls San Francisco, where I'm heading in about five minutes.

But I thought I'd leave you nice folks with a smile before my big adventure:

Ah well, at very least, it'll make Justin laugh for about an hour.

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07:48pm 14/07/2007
  John Lee called me yesterday to tell me that Meaghan told him that Lance told her that a theatre major I really liked died on the evening of the 12th from alcohol-related liver failure. I didn't want to believe him, especially since it was 3rd-hand information, but everyone else's journal posts confirm it.

From across the country, this all seems so unreal... I can't believe Kelley is really dead. Although I didn't know her all that well, she is so full of life in every memory I have... I can't even conjure a mental picture of her where she wasn't smiling. I remember one day she joined Gus and Chele and Daniel and I when we were playing frisbee outside... a small memory, but I guess I'm grasping at straws since she and I were barely acquaintanced.

She was also so talented. I saw her in Trestle twice - once for pleasure and once to write an article for the Saber. She had the lead even though she was only a freshman, and I remember thinking how incredibly mature her acting skill was.

I wonder how all her friends are doing - especially Amber... This is so difficult for me to comprehend since I've never really lost anyone before, certainly no one my age. I can't even imagine how the people closer to her are coping.

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01:07pm 06/07/2007
  My website is up and running... everyone should check it out by clicking here:


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Harry and the Potters   
11:08am 27/06/2007
  I saw Harry and the Potters last night at the downtown LA library. They were lots and lots of fun. I did not buy one of their CDs because I'm trying to save money for grad school, but I was wondering if anyone has the MP3 of "Save Ginny Weasley from the Basilisk" (not to be confused with "Save Ginny Weasley from Dean Thomas"), and if so if you might consider emailing it to me at tiredofdreaming@gmail.com? That would be awesome. Thanks muchly.

It was a fun show, but it made me really miss all my nerdy college pals... I think I would have had a much better time if I'd gone with youse guys. :)

That's all for now. Crazy busy life. More later.


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Good stuffs   
01:00pm 09/06/2007

Esperance: I put in my notice at Esperance. I'll be there until June 29th. It's going to be really hard to leave... I adore my clients, and my job is really fun and easy, but I'm pursuing so many other things that I really need that time to contribute to... well... all the other stuff I'm about to talk about.

Tutoring: Tutoring is winding down a little bit, both because it's summertime, and also because I haven't been actively recruiting. I'm sure I'll be back to that when Esperance is over, but right now I have a ton of stuff occupying my time. However, I'm still working regularly with a 5th grader on math and a 7th grader on math and writing, and I'm also supposedly still meeting with a 2nd grader who needs help with reading, although I haven't heard from his mom in ages. Anyway, still happening, still fun.

Clowning around: I am a clown for two different companies. Actually, I'm a clown for one company that has sporadic work for me, and a clown trainee which, hopefully, will have work for me every weekend once my training is done. I met with the girl last Thursday and can now make the following balloon animals in under a minute:

-Knight sword
-Pirate sword

and the following in about a minute and a half:


Awesomeness. I'm going to be a great clown! :) I should be starting that July-ish, and hopefully will have work every single weekend. I hope to continue doing that all through grad school.

Cards by Jennie: I'm in the process of starting a handmade custom invitations business. I have six samples of wedding invitations, and I'm refining them so that they're sample book-worthy. I also have two more ideas for wedding invites, as well as an intention to make sample books for Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, Baby Showers/announcements, and Sweet 16s/ other parties. Over time, I also hope to make samples for high-end handmade Christmas and Chanukah cards too, but that's less urgent. Starting a business is a lot of work with a lot of teensy components that are important but minute - stuff that no one cares is done but lots of people would care if it weren't done... and they all take a really long time.

Anyway, I'm in the process of getting my samples together, setting up my office, etc. I'm also setting up a website, which I will link to when it's finished, or at least in a presentable state.


(Company just arrived so I will make this short & sweet.)

I went to grad school orientation yesterday. I'm very excited. I hope to do my practicum at the Mitchell Family Counseling Clinic, which is on campus but serves the general community, including most demographics - couples, families, children, etc. They also have satellite opportunities working with a homeless population and abused children. Weee!

Ok more on that later, have to go be hospitable.

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Oh yeah, by the way......   
11:03pm 31/05/2007
  I GOT INTO GRAD SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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I'm a sap.   
01:33pm 28/05/2007
  Futurama makes me cry. And not just the doggie episode.  

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Congratulations to me.   
07:14pm 24/05/2007
  I have officially overbooked my life... again.  

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