Le squee.

So business is BOOMING! This past week, I secured two new invitations accounts which, suffice it to say, will buy me another semester of graduate school. Yay. They're really fun too... one is my favorite of my designs and the other is created by the customer, which is always loads of fun.

So... yay. Finally.

Perpetually sicky

I've had a cold now for about two weeks solid. I don't really understand it... it started the weekend I took the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam, probably because I got 4 hours of sleep two nights in a row. But it was really bad for about 3 days then subsided into just a bit of a runny nose. Annoying, but tolerable. Then on Thursday I ate something that didn't agree with me, went home, took 2 Benadryl and passed out... and it was like someone pressed the Reset button on my cold. Where it was almost completely gone, it's been rebooted, and now I'm back to being stuffed up and congested, and I got almost no sleep last night because I kept waking up with different symptoms.

Arg. Not really intolerable, but certainly annoying.

Attention Potter-Heads!!

If you are a Harry Potter fan but were sort of lukewarm about Harry and the Potters, please allow me to highly highly highly recommend The Remus Lupins... you can find a sample at http://www.myspace.com/theremuslupins and holy wow!! They do SUCH a good job of capturing the heart of the series, as well as its playfulness. Highlights are Remember Cedric (totally pulls at your heartstrings), as well as The Weasleys, The Balland of Neville and Luna, Burn Your Prefect Badge, and OF COURSE Teenage Werewolf.


I saw them in concert tonight and I was absolutely blown away.

I have to go now - it's imperative that I memorize every song on both of their albums I just purchased. Fabulous. I am one pleased muggle.
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Who knew? Cooking = 9th grade biology!

Ew. Ew. Ew.

I'm making bbq chicken for my family tonight, John's recipe, and he told me you start with a whole chicken... But it wasn't until I actually had this dead thing in my hands that I thought... you know, whole turkeys come with entrails, I wonder if chickens do too. So I called John and he told me they probably weren't there, but I should check. So, cringing, I reached my hand up the chicken's ass...

...and I grabbed... I don't know... its heart, maybe, or its liver. I'm not good at anatomy. But it was a piece of the chicken that was definitely not meat or skin or bones. And so I figure, this chicken's butt hole is pretty big, so I just lift the whole thing, and tip it over into the sink.

And out pours... like... everything...

So I begrudgingly took a finger and shoved it into the garbage disposal... So now there's like chicken spleen all chopped up in the bowels of my kitchen sink.

Ew. I'm going to go vomit now.

First counseling experience!

So I've been doing it for years with friends, and today I got the opportunity to try it in a more formal setting...

Three weeks into grad school, and for one of my classes, I had to tape a 20-minute counseling session with a classmate. First I was the client and she was the counselor, and then we switched... she was AMAZING - she's going to be great, I can tell. And I felt like when it was my turn, I didn't do too badly myself. It was the first time for both of us, so we were both pretty nervous, but wow, I feel so confident now. I totally want to make a career of this.

...it was actually harder being the client!


So you know when you have one of those word-root revelations?? (Maybe not? Well I have them once in awhile...) It just hit me like a brick over the head that "autism" is related to "autonomy".... that makes so much sense! Because even though many autistic people have some degree of mental retardation, they don't all have that... the disorder is primarily qualified by a lack of typical social interaction, and a preference for playing in a less socially acceptable way (flapping hands or running water over a spoon instead of stacking blocks or playing with trucks) rather than engaging in games with others... wow, duh Jennie!!

On another note, I saw a human interest news story today that a girl was asked to leave a plane before takeoff because her outfit was too provocative. This is what she was wearing:

Is that ridiculous or what? Stupid Southwest Airlines...

I know, no substantive update about grad school... actually, I'm not sure I've posted since before I started about three weeks ago. Just know that things are going well, and I'm loving my program.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway........... um.... back to studying and stuff.

Seeking a home for my kitty!

A girl named Shi who lives in Hollywood has provided an amazing home for my cat for the last nine months, but she's moving in with someone who can't have cats, so I need a new foster home for her... if anyone knows someone who might be interested, pretty please let me know... here's the ad:

Lily is a gorgeous long-haired tortoise-shell who greets me at the door, answers to her name, and generally has a very sweet disposition.

Here's the situation: I bought Lily when I was attending college in Georgia, at a point in my life when my intention was not to return home to Los Angeles. However, circumstances changed, and now I'm living here in LA with my parents while I attend grad school. My father, however, is extremely allergic to cats. Thus, I'm seeking a foster home for Lily.

Lily is up to date on all her shots. She has lived with other animals, both cats and dogs of all sizes, and smaller pets (turtles) as well, and is amicable (if slightly aloof) around them. She has also lived with children without a problem. She is not declawed, but I keep her equipped with Soft Claws (basically plastic acrylics that cover her claws so they're not damaging to any surface), and I replace them as needed.

I would provide all food, litter, and anything else Lily needed, as well as a $25/ month stipend for your generosity in housing her. When she needs shots, I will take her, and I will visit weekly to take care of anything she needs. All in all, this is a very small obligation on your part... all I need from you is your hospitality in the form of a roof over her head.

I prefer someone willing to make a long-term committment to providing a foster home for Lily. Though all I require is 30 days' notice to find her another home if you decide you can't keep her, I'm going to be in grad school for two and a half years, and I won't be able to take her back until the end of that amount of time. I also prefer someone in the San Fernando Valley, for the sake of facilitating my weekly visits, but I would consider people who live elsewhere as well.

Thank you so much for your interest, and have a wonderful day.


Grad school, squee!!

Ok, so my Monday classes are totally awesome. First, theory & practice of counseling with Dr. Charnofsky. Dr. Charnofsky is a great lecturer, very funny, straightforward, interesting... I think I'll have no problem paying attention to him for three hours every Monday (which is impressive, considering my ADD). Also, it seems I chose the right class section, considering our syllabus is one page long - that's it - and our assignments consist of one class presentation, a book report, a not-graded self-analysis, and an oral group final exam... and one of the other sections has a 20 page syllabus with weekly assignments and stuff. Yay.

The second class is my practicum... part of it is based on a text book, learning about counseling, developing skills, etc, but a lot of it is self-analysis. The theory behind that is that you can't be an effective therapist if you're carrying tons of your own baggage, so we have a "process group", which is a step down, intensity-wise, from group therapy. Our only real assignment, besides show up, is to conduct and videotape 4 20-minute therapy sessions with a classmate as the therapist, and 4 as the client. These then get analyzed so we can track our progress from tragically incompetent to maybe ready to go out and help real people.

Everyone in my program is amazing... never have I been surrounded by so many people who want to save the world's mental health, one person at a time. One girl in my first class worked in New Orleans for six months, helping to clean up after Hurricane Katrina. Lots of people have worked with disabled populations... people who have worked with help lines... all with the common goal of learning to be effective helpers.

I'm not deluding myself. I know it won't be easy.

But damn, I'm excited...