Jennifer Ever (tiredofdreaming) wrote,
Jennifer Ever

Giddy-Up, High Horse!

Maybe I just don't understand politics... perhaps that's my problem. But so many things I hear about and read about absolutely baffle me, and I don't understand how there can possibly NOT be an enormous public outcry.

For those not in California, or for those who don't follow the news, our lovely Governator has decided that the best way to deal with our budget problem is to fire teachers... and not just a few teachers, and not teachers who aren't very good at their jobs, but thousands of teachers throughout the state based on tenure alone. So all those bright newly credentialed minds seeking to influence the students and bring a fresh perspective to the craft - out of work.

I want to know what idiot even SUGGESTED that education was our most expendable asset! Gee, we have a budget problem... oh I know, let's get rid of teachers. That way, our students and schools will suffer, and the great minds of tomorrow won't become filled to their capacity. What a great idea!

And then, on the cover of today's LA Times, there's an article about how McCain would like to suspend the gas tax for the summer. Sounds good, yes? Well, I certainly think so - I hate having to pay $65 to fill my tank. But his proposal for how to do this is to cut MediCare funds so that lots and lots of old people can't get the prescriptions they need for their many health problems.

So essentially, the overall statement that has been made over the course of the last month is that education and healthcare are expendable. Yet we're still spending millions (or is it billions?) of dollars a DAY in overseas warfare. I just don't understand this...

We really need to get a Democrat into office...

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