December 6th, 2007


End of the semester

Wow, I can't believe my first semester of grad school is almost over... two papers, three classes, an evaluation, and a presentation, and I'm a free woman for a few weeks. Much is in store for winter break, including 10 days in Israel on the birthright program. It really just hit me today that I'm going, now that I have my itinerary. It should be oodles of fun, excitement, education, etc.

Life is a bit zany at the moment... I have a bajillion things to do, so naturally I'm posting a livejournal entry. I have 250 invitations that need to be done by Monday. I wonder if invitations are like theatre... theatre always comes together in the final stretch - no one ever knows how - and I really hope the same is true for these invites, because I'm feeling super duper overwhelmed.

Um...... ok, back to work.