November 11th, 2007


Oh my goodness....

After the Izzard show (which was fabulous, by the way), I was driving home on Laurel Canyon, and I swear I think I saw a dead guy in the opposing lane just south of Lookout Mountain... I guess it could have been a pile of clothes or a trick of the light or something, but it really really looked like a dead guy, completely sprawled out, like either someone threw him out of a car, or maybe like he had an epileptic seizure while walking down the road and passed out right in the middle of it.

I called the police, apologizing profusely on the off-chance that I sent them and the paramedics out there for a false alarm. They reassured me that it was ok, better safe than sorry and all.

The longer I sit here and think about it, the less certain I am it was actually a person... the image is becoming steadily less vivid in my mind. But at the time, it definitely definitely looked like a dead person. I felt a chill of certainty jump through me... I was on the phone with John telling him about the show and I just stopped mid-sentence and said "oh my god".

Is it weird that I was scared to stop or turn around and check? Does that make me irresponsible?