September 11th, 2007



So you know when you have one of those word-root revelations?? (Maybe not? Well I have them once in awhile...) It just hit me like a brick over the head that "autism" is related to "autonomy".... that makes so much sense! Because even though many autistic people have some degree of mental retardation, they don't all have that... the disorder is primarily qualified by a lack of typical social interaction, and a preference for playing in a less socially acceptable way (flapping hands or running water over a spoon instead of stacking blocks or playing with trucks) rather than engaging in games with others... wow, duh Jennie!!

On another note, I saw a human interest news story today that a girl was asked to leave a plane before takeoff because her outfit was too provocative. This is what she was wearing:

Is that ridiculous or what? Stupid Southwest Airlines...

I know, no substantive update about grad school... actually, I'm not sure I've posted since before I started about three weeks ago. Just know that things are going well, and I'm loving my program.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway........... um.... back to studying and stuff.