August 29th, 2007


Seeking a home for my kitty!

A girl named Shi who lives in Hollywood has provided an amazing home for my cat for the last nine months, but she's moving in with someone who can't have cats, so I need a new foster home for her... if anyone knows someone who might be interested, pretty please let me know... here's the ad:

Lily is a gorgeous long-haired tortoise-shell who greets me at the door, answers to her name, and generally has a very sweet disposition.

Here's the situation: I bought Lily when I was attending college in Georgia, at a point in my life when my intention was not to return home to Los Angeles. However, circumstances changed, and now I'm living here in LA with my parents while I attend grad school. My father, however, is extremely allergic to cats. Thus, I'm seeking a foster home for Lily.

Lily is up to date on all her shots. She has lived with other animals, both cats and dogs of all sizes, and smaller pets (turtles) as well, and is amicable (if slightly aloof) around them. She has also lived with children without a problem. She is not declawed, but I keep her equipped with Soft Claws (basically plastic acrylics that cover her claws so they're not damaging to any surface), and I replace them as needed.

I would provide all food, litter, and anything else Lily needed, as well as a $25/ month stipend for your generosity in housing her. When she needs shots, I will take her, and I will visit weekly to take care of anything she needs. All in all, this is a very small obligation on your part... all I need from you is your hospitality in the form of a roof over her head.

I prefer someone willing to make a long-term committment to providing a foster home for Lily. Though all I require is 30 days' notice to find her another home if you decide you can't keep her, I'm going to be in grad school for two and a half years, and I won't be able to take her back until the end of that amount of time. I also prefer someone in the San Fernando Valley, for the sake of facilitating my weekly visits, but I would consider people who live elsewhere as well.

Thank you so much for your interest, and have a wonderful day.