August 14th, 2007


stuff and things

So I worked hard this morning, and all day yesterday, and this afternoon I decided to be bummy. I watched Ellen DeGeneres, and I've decided that she and I should be best friends.

On a different but equally inane note, I dig the sorting hat application on facebook. Most of my friends, it appears, are Gryffindors with quite a few Ravenclaws, and a Hufflepuff or two... but no Slytherins. I knew I had a knack for choosing friends! I am most definitely a Hufflepuff... Intelligence, bravery, and ambition are all important to me, and I feel like I do possess some amount of those qualities, but I definitely value loyalty most of all... even though Luna rocks the casbah... and such things

Ummmmmm what else...

Oh, when I was in high school, I spent hours and hours and hours covering the door to my bathroom with patterned papers ripped from magazines. It looked cool, and it definitely ran its course, but it's time to make my room look like Jennie-in-her-20s rather than teenage-Jennie, so the ripped papers came down, as did my guitar chords poster (I haven't really played since high school anyhow) and a few other things. Instead I put up my gramma's 3D art and a couple of skyline paintings I picked up in London and NYC when I spent summers there. I think house-sitting for Vanessa's family and sleeping in her bedroom has made me realize that while her room has grown up, mine has stayed the same... probably because I thought living here was going to be a lot more temporary than it looks like it's going to be.

But ah well, c'est la vie.

And that rhymes... I'm a poet and I didn't even realize that that was the case although it sat there right in front of my eyes, staring me in the face... dammit, I was trying not to rhyme!!

Ok, obviously I'm now procrastinating so I'm going to go walk Vanessa's dog, and then we're going to see On Your Toes tonight at the Reprise theatre. I know nothing about it. Should be good fun.