August 7th, 2007


Holy cow, squee for progress

Come 1:00 AM, I have now finished the baby sample book. And the wedding sample book has been done for two weeks or more. Bar Mitzvah samples are 90% done and after I make the 1.5 left, I just have to scan them, price them, toss them on the website, and then spend eighteen thousand hours putting them in a gorgeous arrangement in a sample book like I did with baby stuff tonight. :)

Also, kicking ads into high gear. A variety of Craigslist cities are seeing a smattering of Cards by Jennie ads every day, and so is Facebook Marketplace. I'm also connected with a site called that helps engaged couples to locate vendors... thanks to agreeing to write them a referral for a potential high-profile vendor, I've now been granted a complimentary upgrade to a gold membership, which means that for the same $5/month I was paying before, I get a bunch of leads, some business management tools, and, best of all, my graphic ad on their site.

And then of course, the cold calling. Thanks to planning the Humane Society's silent auction, I am oh so very fabulous at cold calling. But I'm amazed at how good the response is to my calls, actually... I'm so used to being hung up on, because with the silent auction I was asking people for stuff... when I'm offering to give them a referral percentage kickback for displaying my business cards, they're my best friends all of a sudden. Today I called adoption agencies and baby supply stores... I have 6 places that want cards, one that wants a flyer, and another who asked me to send them an e-mail with more info.

Plus my mom, who works with new parents (and also sometimes pregnant women), has asked me to create something to hang in her office. So yay.

Awesomeness... stuff is going well.

And for those of you who still haven't had the chance to check out my website, please do... I'd love to hear your feedback: