August 5th, 2007


Cards by Jennie - happy things and thorough annoyances

Happy things... all my wedding samples and baby samples are done, and I only have to make one more Bar Mitzvah sample, scan 'em all and get 'em on the site. Hopefully I'll be able to do parties/events in the next 10 days, and then all I have left to do once grad school starts are announcements and holiday cards... kind of a pain, I was hoping to be done with samples by the beginning of grad school, but really weddings, babies, and Bar Mitzvahs are going to be my big sellers anyway, with parties (probably mostly Sweet 16s) tied with graduation announcements as a distant fourth. So all the important stuff will be done and I can start making calls, affiliating myself with maternity shops, wedding planners, synagogues and churches, etc. Good stuff.

Also, I made my first print ad today, and hopefully it will be posted on Two Left Hands, a site I've been using for leads. Here it is:

Not half bad for someone with next to no graphic design skills...

The only thing about my business right now that really pisses me off is someone has started to flag my ads on Craigslist. Yes, I post a lot of ads, but all to different cities, so it's not like I'm flooding one Craigslist board... it has to be competitors, flagging away other invitation making folks so that they can get ahead. I would NEVER play that dirty, and it really bothers me that anyone would. I feel like my products and my work speak for themselves, and if I felt like I had to get rid of other advertisers to get ahead, I think I would reevaluate the quality of my products.


And breathing again...