August 1st, 2007


Woot for free ad website things

Dear Facebook Marketplace,

I owe you an apology. When first you emerged, I wrote you off as a cheap imitation of Craigslist, but have since been misproven. I have devoted hours of hard work to posting ads on Craigslist, not only in Los Angeles, but in ten different cities every day. I have had very feeble results. You, on the other hand, have proven immensely superior, and have had a much higher prospects to posts yield.

Thanks for everything!

Best Regards,



Dear Craigslist,

I appreciate that you are free, but I think we may need to start seeing other people. Due to your high popularity, I find myself competing with hundreds of other invitation businesses. I know that my invitations are of high quality, but it's just hard to compete with more established businesses that have the ability to hire professional website designers and whatnot.

I shall continue an acquaintanceship with you, but you ought to know that I intend to seek additional sources for my ads.

I wish you the best, and feel no ill will towards you.

Best Regards,