July 27th, 2007


Back on LJ

I finished Deathly Hallows - fabulous - loved it - cried my eyes out, so I'll be posting again.

Cards by Jennie (http://www.cardsbyjennie.com) has usurped my life. Working hard on samples - I've finished all wedding samples, which are on the site, and baby samples, which will hopefully be up by next week. Bar Mitzvah samples are also coming soon, followed by parties & events, and announcements (everything from "Save the Date" magnets - I got a magnet maker - awesome - to graduation announcements to retirement announcements... etc.). So hopefully before I start grad school, I'll be done with that part of it, and I can focus on obtaining and filling accounts and advertising.

And grad school. That too, obviously.

And I'll still be clowning on the weekends, which is cool. It's fun, it's fairly easy, and it's pretty flexible as long as I know my plans in advance.

As for tutoring, I'm down to one student, and I don't particularly intend to pursue more than that. Goodness knows I'm busy enough... after all, I have to study sometime, right??