July 14th, 2007



John Lee called me yesterday to tell me that Meaghan told him that Lance told her that a theatre major I really liked died on the evening of the 12th from alcohol-related liver failure. I didn't want to believe him, especially since it was 3rd-hand information, but everyone else's journal posts confirm it.

From across the country, this all seems so unreal... I can't believe Kelley is really dead. Although I didn't know her all that well, she is so full of life in every memory I have... I can't even conjure a mental picture of her where she wasn't smiling. I remember one day she joined Gus and Chele and Daniel and I when we were playing frisbee outside... a small memory, but I guess I'm grasping at straws since she and I were barely acquaintanced.

She was also so talented. I saw her in Trestle twice - once for pleasure and once to write an article for the Saber. She had the lead even though she was only a freshman, and I remember thinking how incredibly mature her acting skill was.

I wonder how all her friends are doing - especially Amber... This is so difficult for me to comprehend since I've never really lost anyone before, certainly no one my age. I can't even imagine how the people closer to her are coping.