June 9th, 2007


Good stuffs


Esperance: I put in my notice at Esperance. I'll be there until June 29th. It's going to be really hard to leave... I adore my clients, and my job is really fun and easy, but I'm pursuing so many other things that I really need that time to contribute to... well... all the other stuff I'm about to talk about.

Tutoring: Tutoring is winding down a little bit, both because it's summertime, and also because I haven't been actively recruiting. I'm sure I'll be back to that when Esperance is over, but right now I have a ton of stuff occupying my time. However, I'm still working regularly with a 5th grader on math and a 7th grader on math and writing, and I'm also supposedly still meeting with a 2nd grader who needs help with reading, although I haven't heard from his mom in ages. Anyway, still happening, still fun.

Clowning around: I am a clown for two different companies. Actually, I'm a clown for one company that has sporadic work for me, and a clown trainee which, hopefully, will have work for me every weekend once my training is done. I met with the girl last Thursday and can now make the following balloon animals in under a minute:

-Knight sword
-Pirate sword

and the following in about a minute and a half:


Awesomeness. I'm going to be a great clown! :) I should be starting that July-ish, and hopefully will have work every single weekend. I hope to continue doing that all through grad school.

Cards by Jennie: I'm in the process of starting a handmade custom invitations business. I have six samples of wedding invitations, and I'm refining them so that they're sample book-worthy. I also have two more ideas for wedding invites, as well as an intention to make sample books for Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, Baby Showers/announcements, and Sweet 16s/ other parties. Over time, I also hope to make samples for high-end handmade Christmas and Chanukah cards too, but that's less urgent. Starting a business is a lot of work with a lot of teensy components that are important but minute - stuff that no one cares is done but lots of people would care if it weren't done... and they all take a really long time.

Anyway, I'm in the process of getting my samples together, setting up my office, etc. I'm also setting up a website, which I will link to when it's finished, or at least in a presentable state.


(Company just arrived so I will make this short & sweet.)

I went to grad school orientation yesterday. I'm very excited. I hope to do my practicum at the Mitchell Family Counseling Clinic, which is on campus but serves the general community, including most demographics - couples, families, children, etc. They also have satellite opportunities working with a homeless population and abused children. Weee!

Ok more on that later, have to go be hospitable.