May 17th, 2007


Funny how we run back to the familiar...

When I graduated about a year ago, I swore I was done with school... I was sure I was sick of it and would never go back.

Now I'm finishing up two prerequisites for the grad program at CSUN, which I hope to begin in August, or, failing that, in January. Not only that, but I also just registered for two classes at a community college for the summer.

June to July, in the evenings I'll be taking an introductory business course. The idea of studying business scares the pants off me, because it's just never something I've had a whole lot of motivation for... but I think it's imperative that I have a fundamental understanding of business principles if I'm going to be in private practice someday.

July to August, also in the evenings, I'll be taking a class in linguistics, though the actual course title is something about studying human communication, and it's offered through the anthropology department. It focuses on understanding human communication - both the verbal and nonverbal components. I can see that a course like this would be invaluable to me as a counselor.

In addition to fostering various interests, the other purpose of these classes is to show CSUN that I can be serious academically... something I obviously failed to prove during my undergraduate career. I think they'll be pleased if they see that I'm still taking classes, specifically classes that are relevant to my desired course of study, and also that I'm performing well in them. I have As in both classes I'm currently taking, and intend to pursue similar grades in the classes this summer.

So here's hoping I get off that wait list and make it into the program!!

And if not, there's always Camarillo in January...