March 27th, 2007


Country music soothes the soul... no really, I was skeptical too.

I've been listening to a lot of Sugarland, Melissa Etheredge, and such like, but I really don't have much... There's also no contemporary country station in LA. I was wondering if someone might be able to hook me up with a mix CD? Some of the recent (and recent-ish) songs I really dig are:

Front Porch Looking In
Brand New Girlfriend
I Loved Her First
Swing Batter Batter
Here's to Finding a Good Man
Who Says You Can't Go Home

...and other stuff in that vein

I don't actually know if those are the titles, but if you know the songs, you'll know what I mean...

If you want to send me some stuff like that I would very very very much appreciate it... drop me a comment and I'll send you my address.

Thanks mucho!

The Secret

The Secret is about the power of positive thinking and something called the Law of Attraction, and it has slowly begun to transform my life.

I first heard about The Secret from my mother, who heard about it from her friend. She and her friend are both very into new-age, metaphysical, experimental types of healing and whatnot, with specific focus on something called craniosacral therapy, so even though my mom went on and on and told me The Secret was incredible, I had to watch it, I was reluctant to do so.

Then a girl at my book club brought it up. She said she and her friend had watched the film, and they had decided to try to use it. Her friend needed a computer, so using the techniques discussed in the documentary, she tried to bring one into her life. The two of them went to see a filming of the Ellen Degeneres Show, and Ellen often gives things away to her studio audience. Sure enough, she was giving away computers, but much to both of their chagrin, she didn't win one. However, two or three days later, she got a call from her boss, who informed her that she had just landed an account with Apple, and did she want a free computer? The girl I know, the one in the book club, said her dream is to move to Chicago and work for Oprah. (She does freelance production.) Though it was still in the works when last we spoke, she was one of 60 applicants being seriously considered for a job at Oprah.

So I thought wow, there are real people asking for obvious, legitimate, physical results and receiving them. Maybe there's some degree of legitimacy to this after all.

Find a description of the basic principles of the theory below for those interested...
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So I've started trying it in little ways. On the plane to Georgia, where I spent the last week, they gave free headphones to anyone wearing green, since it was St Patrick's Day. They also made a simultaneous announcement that the movie would be the new James Bond. Having received my headphones, I sent the message to the universe that I wanted them to announce there had been a mistake and the movie was actually something different. Sure enough, five minutes later, they made an announcement. (Granted, the film was Rocky Balboa, which I also didn't want to see, but that's not the point...)

When I returned to the airport to go home, I wanted to get some soup from Atlanta Bread Company. I absolutely love their tomato soup - it's the best - but they only have it one or two days a week. I asked for the soup, I visualized it, I believed it was already mine, and sure enough - there it was.

Granted, that could have been a coincidence, but how about this one...

I got back from my trip late Sunday night and began to think about how nice it would be to bring in a little bit more money. On Monday I found out that Esperance Center received a grant, and so every member of the staff got a 50 cent per hour raise. Then I called someone who had expressed interest in the possibility of my tutoring her daughter. She didn't so much as blink when I quoted her $45/hour (the going rate in LA for tutors, but I keep expecting people to yell at me...), and we had an appointment set up shortly thereafter. Then, today, I received a call from a woman who used to give me transcription work, and she told me that although she had mostly retired, she had this one account pop up and would I like some work? Less than an hour later, I also got a call from a market research company whose database I'm in to ask if I'd like to participate in one of their focus groups. I didn't qualify for this specific study, but the guy said he'd keep calling. And so lots of things have been popping up to increase my financial status.

I don't know if these things are all coincidental. It's possible, maybe even likely in some cases. But all I know is this:

1. Whether it works or not, positive thinking makes me feel better about my life and the world around me.
2. It seems to have worked for other people.
3. Life seems to really be coming together nicely, especially since I've started using these techniques.
4. This may be what gets me into grad school and brings other good things my way.

I encourage anyone who's interested to seek out The Secret, either in the form of the DVD or the book. It has changed my life. I can honestly state that as a non-theist, this is the first and only thing I have ever had any degree of "faith" in.