February 21st, 2007


Birthday birthday birth-DAY! And other stuff.

Birthday stuff

First and foremost, happy birthday John. :) Even though you're now a wrinkly grey-haired 27-year-old fogey, I still love you. Heehee.

On a more self-indulgent note, I've immersed myself in the world of clear rubber stamps... if anyone is looking to get me a birthday present (March 9th), please consider visiting http://www.techniquetuesday.com. I am particularly interested in fonts (though I already have both capital and small Eiffel Tower, and two others, which I'll let you know more about later), a stamp cleaner, and the acrylic mounting blocks. On a related note, I'd also really like to start embossing stuff, which gives it texture, so if anyone wants to get me an embossing heat gun, embossing powders (clear or varied colors), or a clear ink pen (so that I can emboss doodles I've drawn), that would be tres magnifique!

I'm so simple-minded. I mean, really what I want is world-peace, lifelong happiness... stuff like that. But I figure clear rubber stamps and embossing tools are a bit more realistic.

Books on tape

I finished all the Harry Potter books on tape. The guy who did the reading is absolutely phenomenal... his name evades me at the moment, but he has a different voice for each character, and I can tell before I'm told from the voice he uses if the character is, for example, Draco Malfoy, or Hagrid, or Dumbledore. Amazing. I've moved onto The Nanny Diaries, which is entertaining but also seems to be the sequel to The Devil Wears Prada. Ah well, it makes the commute more bearable anyway.

Grad school

My CSUN application is in the hands of the "powers that be", and all I can do right now is wait. By March 4 or so, I should know whether or not I've been granted an interview, which will be the week of March 12-16. And then I think they give you the final word about a week or two after that. YIKES! I really want to get in... I'd like to go back in time just a year or two and smack my undergraduate self into study mode.

I'm working on my Long Beach application right now. The essay is a 5-6 page MONSTER, divided into six mandatory categories. I think I've done quite well on three or four of the categories, but am struggling with "influences" and "strengths and areas of improvement". Yikes.

General life update

I'm still enjoying work at Esperance, though it pays a mere pittance, so I'm subsidizing it with tutoring and transcription whenever the opportunities present themselves. I have an insanely busy "extracurriculars" schedule, between my book club, my "new to LA" group, and a few wild and crazy theatre nights with mi familia.

Rachelle gets back on March 4, and that will be good. I've missed her a lot, and it will be nice to have her back. I spent a bit of time with Justin about a week ago, and we had a really nice evening and good conversation, and I'd like to make an effort to see him more often. Same goes for Vanessa. I've started making a few new friends too, specifically a girl around my age who just started working at Esperance. (Almost all of my coworkers are 10 or more years older than I am.)

Stuff's going pretty decently, all things considered. I'll feel much better once some things, grad school among them, resolve themselves.

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