February 14th, 2007


Plea for assistance from Mike & Columbus people

I spent last weekend cataloging my scrapbooks, because on many occasions, I found that if someone asked me to find a specific person or event I'd have to rifle through a dozen books before finding it. However, I realized I haven't been quite as good at journaling as I should, and I've therefore lost a lot of names. If anyone, especially Aimee or Ryan could help me with some of these, I would very much appreciate it:

Most Likely Known by Aimee, Ryan, or Caitlin
Celeste, Renea’s old roommate
Brad's Damien's mother
Stephanie, who is/ was friends with Sarah Massoud
Maggie, Brad’s best friend (roommate?)
Colie, who went to Pride and 4th of July with us
Valerie, who worked at Michaels
Katie, who rushed Xi Theta, and who Aimee doesn’t like
Jennifer Emmert’s son
Vancie Bryant’s son
blonde Sarah (not Massoud), Andrew’s old friend
Desiree, aka “Dez”
Vargas the younger (first name)
John Holmes’s ex, Pam
Caitlin’s AJ

Some help from a theatre major?

Jennifer, help? I should know one of these as it's now your last name...
Jen’s Dave
Jen’s friend who was at her graduation party

New Mexico Mike, por favor?

Also, if anyone has a photo of David Phillips, that would be really awesome, because another thing I've done on this project is mark pages that aren't finished, and one is finished but for a photo...

Thanks muchly for everyone's help!