February 3rd, 2007


Book clubs and other nerdy endeavors

So I had my first book club meeting tonight, and it was pretty good fun. Everyone who said they were going to show up did, and all but one person really liked the book we read. So, spiffy.

But I made my usual fatal error of identifying myself as a huge nerd. I asked if anyone else had read the 6 Harry Potter books, and they all looked at me like I had eight heads. ONE of them had seen the movies. How is this POSSIBLE?? It's like the best-selling series of the DECADE!

How am I supposed to find fellow nerds in a city like Los Angeles, where value is placed not on nerdiness or even intellect but on money and physical appearance? I wasn't even that big a nerd among my GA friends - I knew people who would dress up for Star Wars premieres and go nuts over Dragon*Con and that kind of thing... where are these people in LA?

Surely they must exist... it's just a matter of seeking them out. But how?

Sorry if this journal entry has been a bit disjointed. I'm afraid it has been affected by wine.