January 26th, 2007


A big fat man's gonna make me a star...

I wish all the luck in the world to Johnly, Jason, and anyone else I know who is seriously considering making Los Angeles their home. I also hope their good natures are strongly set within them, because this city certainly takes a toll. Never in my life have I felt so fat, ugly, unsuccessful, poor, and self-conscious as I feel here. I'd like to think I'm bigger than this attitude that seems so pervasive, but every so often, I doubt myself. Surely this overall attitude of the city was a contributing factor in my troubled and anxiety-ridden adolescence, but now that I've left and come back, there's a definite increase in it all, since I know there are places where it's not the case. I say this not to dissuade anyone, but simply to vent.

On another note, I found a very clean dollar bill in my laundry. That's got to be a sign of luck to come, right? Maybe I'll use it to buy a scratch-off.