January 25th, 2007



I was driving from visiting Lily in Hollywood to a scrapbook class in Northridge, and I was about halfway there when, like a total moron, I smashed into the car in front of me because I was looking behind me to try to change lanes. I was in the left lane when it happens, and anyone familiar with Los Angeles realizes that this means the other girl and I had to traverse about five or six lanes of just-after-rush-hour-and-still-pretty-busy traffic in order to pull onto the right shoulder.

So it takes me about a full minute to get from my lane into the shoulder and the whole time I'm dreading getting there because I'm thinking to myself "dammit, as soon as we park, some yuppie LA suburbanite with a big ego and a huge sense of entitlement is going to jump out of the car and start screaming at me and telling me I'm an idiot and they were late for fifteen meetings simultaneously and how could I possibly be so stupid?" And ok, I guess I probably deserved some degree of that, but everyone makes mistakes, and I would have been much nicer than that...

Instead, it was a really nice Latina girl who was about my age who told me that accidents happen. I told her I'd like to see an estimate and possibly pay for the repairs outright rather than making an insurance claim, and she seemed agreeable. Her bumper was hanging off and her exhaust pipe was hanging off a bit, so using my "I lived in the South for a few years" knowledge, I ran down off the freeway to a mini mart that was within sight and bought a roll of duct tape to hold the bumper in place. The exhaust didn't seem to be in any immediate danger of falling off, but she wasn't comfortable driving the car, so I called AAA on my account for her and had a tow truck come. It was the least I could do, seeing as the whole thing was my fault and she was being so understanding. An hour or so later, a truck came and we parted ways.

As for my car, the front end is a bit smushed, but it doesn't look like it had any effect on the mechanical functions. I drove about 3 or 4 miles home after the accident and the car drove normally, which is good. It's certainly not pretty, and if I had to pop the hood for any reason, I'm not entirely sure I could get it refastened. It definitely needs to be taken care of, but I think it's adequate for me to take it to work tomorrow.

At least I hope so, because it would be really awful to break down on twisty-turvy feel-like-you're-going-to-fall-off-the-mountain Las Virgenes/ Malibu Canyon and interrupt everyone else's commute, not to mention my own.